Yes, there are additional reasons to avoid high sugary marinades.

Commercially produced sweet BBQ sauces could infuse carcinogens in grilled meat.

Watch out for any sauces or marinades that rely on sugars, as these quickly break down into Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) when heated. Instead, use salt or acid-based marinades. Teriyaki sauce is awesome for this – some experts claim it can reduce the amount of HCAs by up to 2/3!

Other valid options are marinades that rely on vinegars and herbs. Keep sugars out if you want to avoid HCAs.

You’re also going to want to be extra careful with those sweet and sticky sauces when cleaning your grill. The mix of the fats in the meat, combined with sweet marinades, can make a pretty potent concoction of PAHs when they drip to the bottom of your grill. Having a professional grill cleaning service come clean your entire grill is the best way to clean up mess, left over char and more.

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