Gift Cards - The Ultimate Gift (BBQ CLEANING)

The Perfect Gift for the Hard-to-Buy-For Men in Your Life

By Jody Robinson

My husband is impossible to buy for. Not that he has everything already. Rather, he’s a bit of a minimalist. So if you’re going to give him a gift, it really has to pack a punch.

It wasn’t until I came across Pro Grill Cleaning’s website that I truly understood that there is a perfect gift for all of the difficult-to-buy-for men in my life.

The benefits of having a professional come over to clean your barbecue? What sold me was knowing how many times we’ve grilled on the same caked on grease and grime … ugh. How many times did we scrape those grates with a “clean” grill brush, counting on the extreme heat of the grill itself to clean between rounds of burgers and dogs?

But there’s clean, and then there’s Very Clean, which is where Pro Grill Cleaning comes in. The service can take up- wards of four hours to get your barbecue gleaming again. It’s a really dirty job and not really one my husband relishes and I’m not inclined to spend an afternoon scrubbing our built-in or free rolling grill. And truth be told, we’d never get them as clean – it’s a job best left to the professionals.

The team at Pro Grill will take on any level of mess, and they recommend doing a cleaning at least once a year. Offering variable maintenance plans, you can sign up for a monthly, quarterly or bi-quarterly service – it just depends on how often you use your grill.

“Barbecues are expensive. If they aren’t maintained, they’ll more easily break down, or corrode and rust,” says Owner Daniel Lewis. “BBQ cleaning can prolong the life of your grill, give you a cleaner and more hygienic experience grilling, and protect your investment.” Now, who wouldn’t want that for a gift?

*Gift cards purchased on Pro Grill’s website can be used for any product or service sold by Pro Grill.