Grill School

Knowledge is power even when grilling with gas, charcoal or smoke.

Pro Grill is pleased to introduce you to Robyn Lindars who has made a series of videos covering the basic safety and fundamentals of grilling so that anyone can learn to grill, no matter where you live!

These short 2 minute videos will give you a foundation to dominate outdoor cooking!

Lesson 1 - Grilling Safety

Lesson 2 - Essential Grilling Tools

Lesson 3 - How to Start a Gas Grill

Lesson 4 - How to Start a Gas Charcoal Grill

Lesson 5 - How to Create Direct and Indirect Zones on your Grill

Lesson 6 - Charcoal 101: Lump Vs. Charcoal Briquettes

Lesson 7 - How to Cook The Perfect Steak Using the Reverse Sear Method

Lesson 8 - How to Cook Kick Ass Chicken Thighs

Lesson 9 - How to Cook Fish 3 Ways: Cedar Planks, Steamer Packets and On a Bed of Lemons

Lesson 10 - How to Grill Romaine

Lesson 11 - How to Create Steamer Packets aka Hobo Packets on the Grill

Lesson 12 - How to Make a Cast Iron Cobbler on the Grill