Lynx BBQ Grill

Lynx BBQ Grill Maintenance, Repair and Parts

Looking for Lynx BBQ Grill repairs or service? Pro Grill is a full circle BBQ company and our team of expert barbecue technicians are available to service and repair all your Lynx barbecue Grill needs.

At Pro Grill, nothing makes us happier than to be told by our Lynx barbecue cleaning and repair customers that we’re making their BBQ safer and improving the quality of their grilling.

We offer Lynx BBQ Cleaning and Lynx BBQ repair. Lynx Grills makes one of the highest end luxury barbecues on the market but like anything, Lynx Grills need service, repairs and BBQ cleaning. If your Lynx is not working correctly or needs a deep cleaning you’ve come to the right place.

Lynx BBQ Repairs & Parts

  • Lynx Burners
  • Lynx side burner
  • Lynx grates
  • Lynx searing/sear burner
  • Lynx briquettes
  • Lynx briquette trays

Lynx Parts

Need a new Lynx part? We sell all Lynx BBQ parts, igniters, burners, glow plugs, ignition, heat issues, rotisserie burners, grates and more. Call us at 1-800-860-6758 and we will help you find the parts you need for your Lynx Grill.

Lynx Grills

  • Lynx Professional
  • Sedona by Lynx
  • Lynx Professional Series
  • Smartgrill by Lynx
BBQ Repair
Lynx Grill Repair

Why Pro Grill is #1 for Lynx Barbecue Repair?

Pro Grill has worked on countless Lynx Grills and can help you repair or restore your Lynx BBQ grill. We do the best work possible and can also clean your Lynx grill and make additional recommendations on how to get your Lynx BBQ  running at its optimum level.

When every is  going well, it’s easy to take your Lynx BBQ grill for granted. But your Lynx Grill needs regular maintenance and repairs to stay safe, clean and sanitary. Lynx BBQ service and maintenance is also a key part to keeping your Lynx grill working in tip top shape.

The Pro Grill Cleaning mission is provide every home a healthier and better grilling experience. Pro Grill was started because we love outdoor grilling and firmly believe that doing something you love and enjoy should be pleasant, clean and healthy. We hope you will give us a call and let us help you with Lynx repair services.

Lynx Grill Cleaning and Lynx Repairs

Other LYNX BBQ Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Heat issues – Grill won’t get hot
  • Side burner
  • Push button
  • Flare up issues
  • Burner problems
  • Electrode and igniter/igition issues
  • Valve repair and install
  • Barbecue grill install and removal
  • Rotisserie igniter modules
  • Grill grates
  • Searing trays
  • Heat stones & lava rocks
  • Low heat
  • And much more

How do I find my LYNX Serial Number?

Looking for your Lynx Grill model and serial number? This can sometimes be a frustrating process but Pro Grill is here to help. There are a few places you can check. First, look at the back of your user guide that came with your Lynx grill.  Another common location is directly under under the drip tray. If you have a free standing barbecue on a cart then look for a sticker on the side of one of the doors below the barbecue.

If you are still having difficulty finding you Lynx model and serial number give us a call and we will try help you further. You can also schedule an inspection visit with Pro Grill. We will come out, fully inspect your barbecue grill and pull off the front panel where there is almost always an additional sticker with this information.